Move Baby Move

Thu 13, 2021 - Thu 15, 2021

An interactive and joyful movement class using touch, song, dance, breath and play to foster and encourage your baby's  natural development.

Move Baby Move - Infant (6 weeks-5 months) The emphasis on this class is welcoming the baby's body to the physical world while supporting the developing curves of the spine and exploring their sense of balance . The class includes tummy time, massage, visual and auditory stimulations and supports all the developmental patterns including crawling, standing, and speech. Encouraging heart to heart connection is emphasized throughout the entire class. For this level please bring a blanket for baby to lay on, as well as anything you and baby may need. 

​Mondays 12pm @ The Oviedo Mall, Oviedo

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Move Baby Move - Crawler (6-12 months)
This class builds upon the previous level. We continue to work with babies sense of balance while discovering props, and introducing rhythm, breath and social interaction. Yoga poses that encourage development are also introduced such as backbends, forward bends, side bends and twists. 

Mondays 11am @ The Oviedo Mall, Oviedo

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Move Baby Move - Walkers (12-24 months)
In this level we increase body and spatial awareness while working on socialization and gaining independence from caregivers. Activities encourage cognitive thinking, sequencing, expectations and timing. Language is strongly encouraged through activities that emphasis vocal sounds, songs and rhythmic games. Developmental patterns are more physical work like, playing with balance, falling and standing. 

Mondays 10am @ The Oviedo Mall, Oviedo

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