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Web Site: https://www.myoviedomall.com/community-room

Looking for a versatile event space? Look no further than The Community Room at Oviedo Mall, your go-to destination for hosting a wide range of gatherings and activities. Whether you're planning a memorable birthday party, a joyful baby shower, a meaningful memorial service, or an exciting graduation party, our spacious Community Room is here to accommodate your needs. With flexible pricing options designed to suit any budget, you can enjoy a fantastic venue without breaking the bank. Ready to book? Simply fill out our convenient online application to inquire about pricing and availability. Visit our website at https://www.myoviedomall.com/community-room to access the rental application and get one step closer to securing The Community Room for your next event or community gathering. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to create lasting memories in a welcoming and affordable setting.

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