Discover the incredible opportunities at Oviedo Mall's Pop-Up Shop Kiosks, where local boutiques, artisans, and entrepreneurs can thrive and establish their brand like never before. Our well-positioned Kiosks provide the ideal platform to showcase your products, services, and concepts to a wider audience, all while generating sales!

By leasing a Pop-Up Kiosk, you'll secure 360-degree visibility for your brand, enabling you to test and adapt your products in new markets with a short-term commitment. It's the perfect launching pad to propel your business forward.

At Oviedo Mall, our Pop-Up RMU and Short-Term Lease program is tailor-made to support local, regional, and online businesses, as well as artisans, in expanding their reach. Take advantage of our prime location to connect with customers and capitalize on the bustling foot traffic, all within a short-term and cost-effective space. With flexible rental terms ranging from weekends to a year and everything in between, you have the freedom to choose what works best for your business.

Unlock the potential of your brand and seize the moment at Oviedo Mall's Pop-Up Shop Kiosks. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to elevate your business and reach new heights. Secure your space today and watch your business flourish.


Oviedo Mall has multiple RMUs and one fixed kiosk. They are based on availability. The RMUs are located throughout the mall with many location options available. The fixed kiosk is located in the West Wing of the mall near B. Dalton Bookseller. RMUs are available for terms ranging from a weekend to a year.

Interested in Pop Up Space at Oviedo Mall? For more information, including pricing: CLICK HERE TO APPLY 


Along with the Kiosk you will receive:
Indoor Space
Online Mall Directory Listing*
Social Media Mentions*
Discounted/Free Mall Advertising*

*Depending on length of residency


Please Note: Pricing is subject to change based on season, availability and demand.

Single Day Weekday Pop-Up | $40.00* (Monday-Thursday)
Single Day Weekend Pop-Up |  $50.00* (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
2 Day Weekend Pop-Up | $90.00* (Friday & Saturday OR Saturday & Sunday)
3 Day Weekend Pop-Up | $115.00* (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
1 Week Pop-Up | $250.00* (Friday through Thursday)
1 Month Residency | $700.00*
3 Month Residency | $1,800.00* ($600/Month)
6 Month Residency | $3,300.00* ($550/Month)

*Price does not include tax

Questions? Contact Josh Gunderson at [email protected] or call 407-977-2401

What is a pop-up shop? Also known as pop-up stores or temporary retailing, a retail pop-up is a temporary space rented or leased by businesses to sell their products or services. It's a flexible approach that allows permanent retailers to test new markets or concepts, while digital brands can venture into physical shopping malls. Additionally, pop-up markets like Maker's Markets offer unique selling opportunities.

Pop-up shops serve as a catalyst for brand expansion into new formats, enabling businesses to reach diverse audiences and experiment with different markets. They provide a valuable opportunity for digital brands seeking to establish an omnichannel presence or small businesses aiming to grow. With pop-up kiosks, you can generate attention for your products at an affordable price and with minimal commitment.

Whether you're looking to enhance your online presence or expand your business, pop-up kiosks offer the perfect platform to showcase your offerings. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to captivate customers and achieve your goals. Embrace the power of pop-up shops and unlock new possibilities for your brand today.

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